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To everyone interested in Erlang in Barcelona!

14 Jan 2014

As of now there is a new meetup in Barcelona: Erlang-Barcelona.

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I hope the meetup will become a great place to learn, teach and discuss Erlang as well as a great platform to get to know friendly techies with similar interests.

About two and a half year ago, when I was living in Zurich, I founded the Zurich Erlang User Group, basically because I at that time didn't know any Erlang developers in Zurich, and hoped that being a meetup coordinator, would give me lots of opportunities to learn about Erlang from others.

I was right - and in many ways, The Zurich Erlang User Group turned out a lot better than I could have hoped for. It became a friendly and open platform where anyone who wanted to contribute could do so in a very informal and positive atmosphere. From the beginning we encouraged people to do presentations, even if they had never done a presentation before in their lives. It also didn't matter how obscure or super specific the topic, or if the topic was dealing with the intricacies of a framework, or was about a hobby or a work project. As long as it was in some way related to Erlang.

So I am really excited about the Erlang-Barcelona meetups and I hope you are too. And of course, if you live in Barcelona or are here for a visit and want to learn about Erlang, please join us!

Cheers, Lars

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